Cas Metah


It’s been awhile since I last posted. Now I’m going to make sure to keep these coming weekly. Hope you enjoy the short read and that you check out the artist.

Taylor Hogle is the one and only Cas Metah. Cas Metah is an emcee from Greenfield Ohio who is commonly found doing features or doing projects with his fellow artists from the Scribbling Idiots crew. If you don’t already know, Scribbling Idiots is a crew of emcees that are frequently featured on tracks and also work on their own projects together. The crew includes Elias, Motion Plus, Wonder Brown, Mouf Warren, Cas Metah, and many, many more. Cas Metah uses old school sounding beats with lyrics that are hard but still carry a story. He has been on the underground scene for awhile but has had the privilege of working with higher up artists and has been recognized worldwide for his talent. 

Drowning Man by Cas Metah and Wonder Brown (Feat. Copywrite and Elias):

This Can’t Be True (Feat. T-Mo Goodie and Jawz Of Life):